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Globally recognized for superior craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail since 1983, Lee Oskar Harmonicas pioneered an interchangeable and replaceable system of reed plates, combs and cover plates that has become the industry's gold standard. The Lee Oskar Harmonicas System features four distinct harmonica models in standard and altered tunings, available in multiple keys, for playing many different musical genres. Harmonic Minor Reed Plates (model #1910HRP Yellow Label): Replaceable Reed Plates for the Lee Oskar Harmonicas Harmonic Minor (used for playing EASTERN EUROPEAN, GYPSY, YIDDISH, ASIAN, TANGO, REGGAE and MORE!): The Lee Oskar Harmonicas System features replaceable reed plates in 12 keys for the Harmonic Minor harmonica, which makes it possible to revive your harmonica for approximately half the cost. This simple process involves only three screws, two nuts and bolts. Original comb and cover plates are recycled into the rebuilt harp.

Lee Oskar 1910HRP-MN-E-FLAT Harmonic Minor Replacement Reed Plates. Ebm

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